Course Overview

This course provides the knowledge and understanding of skills and resources necessary to respond to a ATR incident as a single incident, or as a component of large scale disaster involving large and small animal and human elements, and to do so in a safe and effective manner, with low impact on ongoing emergency services operations.

This course also meets and exceeds NFPA 1670 Chapter 17.1 – 17.2 guidelines and covers the most likely animal species that first responders are called to rescue and manage: cattle (beef and dairy), horses, including working horses (police mounts, SAR), companion animals and working dogs (SAR, K-9).

This is now a 4-hour class. Since it is included in the Technician Class, it is only offered on a limited basis. If you have a need for this class, please contact us at:

Animal Technical Rescue Awareness

ICS 100 and ICS 200

Topic 1-1: Orientation and Administration
Topic 1-2: Animal Technical Rescue – Awareness Certification Process
Unit 2: ATR – Introduction to ATR
Topic 3-1: Applying ICS/NIMS/SEMS to ATR
Topic 3-4: Size-up
Topic 5-1: Managing Loose Animals
Topic 6-1: Animal Rescue Equipment
Topic 7–1: Trailer Operations
Topic 8-1: Examples and Summary

Cancellation Policy

If you absolutely cannot attend, your tuition will be refunded only if cancellation is made 15 days prior to class start date, No exceptions please, ie. (Funerals, Weddings, Personal Illness, Employer Conflicts). Cancellations after this time period are non-refundable and cannot be credited to another course.

Class sizes are kept small for quality “one-on-one” training but our courses require a minimum number of personnel for safety and team effectiveness. Therefore, students dropping at the last minute could jeopardize the course numbers resulting in the cancellation of the class for all others scheduled. However, you will be refunded in full if the class has been cancelled by the instructor.

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