Advanced Animal Rescue

Course Overview

This 3-day Operational level course is designed for individuals seeking to improve their animal handling skills, rescue techniques and scene management of animal rescue efforts in swiftwater and high-angle technical rope rescue environments. The emphasis of the class is directed toward how to safely and professionally succeed in animal rescue efforts. All rescue techniques will be taught to human rescue standards and will meet and exceed NFPA 1670 Animal Rescue Guidelines. The course will target large animals and livestock with an emphasis on equine.

Day 1: 8am-5pm: Classroom:

  • Large Animal Behavior
  • Large Animal Handling
  • Large Animal First Aid
  • Large Animal: Vertical Lift, Horizontal (Glides and Slides), Forward and Rear Assist
  • High Angle Rope Rescue: Rappelling/Lowering, Ascending/Raising

Day 2: 8am - 5pm Swift Water: Personal Protective Equipment, Throw Bags, Crossing, Tension Diagonal, Self Rescue

Day 3: 8am - 5pm Advanced Rope and Water Scenarios, Team Building Exercises with advanced ICS



Prerequisite: Basic Animal Rescue

Student Requirements

  1. Students must be 18 years old and have a moderate swimming ability to face challenging situations in dynamic water.
  2. No pre-requisite course is required. Although it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of knots, anchors, and mechanical advantage.
  3. Students must have personal medical insurance or department insurance coverage.
  4. Student will need to provide their own wetsuit and footwear for the course. Rentals are available (see details below). All other gear is provided for you.

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